Are you available for projects outside London?
Certainly, there will simply be an added fee for travel expenses when shooting outside of London and surrounding areas. We are also available for filming abroad, again, travel/accommodation expenses apply but we aim to use a minimal crew to keep your costs down.
Would I be able to hire Realm 29 to produce my documentary or short film and retain creative control?
Indeed. We are flexible and know that every project has different needs. We are here to help you achieve your goal.
Would Realm 29 Films be able to shoot my music video or wedding film?
Yes, as well as business films, we are equipped to shoot for both the music industry and high-end wedding/event films. Our understanding of cinema and storytelling means that we would be a great choice for either. Please e-mail us to see our latest showreel in either field.
Might I be able to hire you for a videography only service or for an editing only service?
Yes, we charge £160 for 3 hours basic videography and just require that you provide us with a memory stick/flash drive so that we can post the footage to you. For a quote regarding a longer project or editing service, please get in touch.
Do you offer still photography as a service?
No, however we can take photographs on any shoot and provide them free of charge.