09 Feb 2015
Jordan Belfort

4 Truly Great Motivational Speakers for Business

In no particular order, here are 4 exceptional born motivators that every employee in your organisation should be familiar with. What they have in common is a no-nonsense approach based on a wealth of experience as well as their own studies to present to you, in simple terms, the formulas for success.

1. Grant Cardone [1958 – present]

Hailing from Louisiana and with a background in automobile sales, Cardone is a television star, best-selling author and currently owns several businesses that provide general sales training. His approach is aggressive, unique and to-the-point. He has truly found his calling in this field and is a highly impressive, unstoppable force.


2. Jordan Belfort [1962 – present]

A born entrepreneur and former stockbroker from New York, he was the founder of the legendary brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont which functioned as a boiler room in the 1990’s. After being convicted of crimes related to stock market manipulation in 1998 he managed to turn his life around as a successful author and brilliant motivational speaker. He now stresses the utmost importance of ethics in sales and urges people to keep from making the same mistakes he made, as a large part of his speaking.


3. Jim Rohn [1930 – 2009]

Born in the state of Washington, Rohn was a very popular motivational and business coach who conducted seminars to large companies and individuals for around 40 years. His own mentoring and rags-to-riches story formed the basis of much of his speaking and his knowledge on the subject of the path to success is unquestionable.


4. Brian Tracy [1944 – present]

Tracy was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. One of four brothers in a poor family, he became a student of success and after reaching great heights in a variety of fields, he became a top selling author, writing over 45 books and has addressed more than 4 million people in audiences worldwide.

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